• Thai Silver MONEY, WIND HORSE & NAZAR EYE Bracelet
  • Thai Silver MONEY, WIND HORSE & NAZAR EYE Bracelet
  • Thai Silver MONEY, WIND HORSE & NAZAR EYE Bracelet

Thai Silver MONEY, WIND HORSE & NAZAR EYE Bracelet

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Thai Silver MONEY, WIND HORSE & NAZAR EYE Bracelet

You can radiate Zen vibes with our stunning New THAI SILVER Jewelry Collection!

These elegantly crafted jewelry pieces are made from 925 Thai Silver.

The wind-horse, money bag and flower accents is designed to attract good fortune into your life.

The Wind-Horse is a mythical Tibetan creature from pre-Buddhist times that combines the speed of the wind and the strength of the horse to carry prayers from earth to the heavens.

On an everyday level, the wind-horse is also very much linked to what is commonly known as ‘good luck’

This Wind-horse with its ancient coin symbol follows Feng Shui to attract wealth and abundance in your life .The square center of the coin charm represents the energy of the earth, and the roundness of the coin represents the energy of heaven.

A bracelet sure to be appreciated by anyone wanting to attract more good fortune and love into their life .. and Horse Lovers everywhere.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the mind is seen as being dependent on, or mounted on, the subtle energy or inner air or wind within the body. This subtle energy is therefore called the ‘wind-horse’ or the life force . Whether the wind-horse is strong or weak determines whether positive or negative tendencies dominate the mind. 

Keeping an evil eye charm or talisman close will protect from evil spirits and harmful forces, especially the 'malevolent glare' said to inflict the unaware or unsuspecting.

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Product Details:

  • Item Type: Thai Silver MONEY, WIND HORSE & NAZAR EYE Bracelet
  • Metal: 925 Thai Silver
  • Wind horse Charm Size: 30mm 
  • Bracelet Length: fits up to  17cm wrist (7")

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