Discount Policies

From time to time, we offer discount codes which take off the stated percentage from the cost of the entire cart.

However there are certain exclusions where the discount code will not apply to the order.

These are:

1. Only ONE discount deal can apply to one order.If there is already a special offer which applies discount to items in the cart (  special pricing) , the system will not accept another discount code in the box on the checkout page.

e.g If there is Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal in your cart, a discount code added to the box on the checkout page will not apply any further discount.

2. Discount codes do not apply to Gift Cards

3.The Discount code 'won' by spinning the wheel follow the above exemptions 1 & 2 ( i.e it wont apply if there is already special pricing attached to the order in the cart)

4. The Discount Code from the wheel auto-populates in the checkout if it is valid to apply to the cart .This code is time sensitive. If the order is not completed within 15 minutes, the code will be void.

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