• Red Rope & Silver 'INVITE LUCK'-Simple Fu symbol Bracelet
  • Red Rope & Silver 'INVITE LUCK'-Simple Fu symbol Bracelet
  • Red Rope & Silver 'INVITE LUCK'-Simple Fu symbol Bracelet

Red Rope & Silver 'INVITE LUCK'-Simple Fu symbol Bracelet

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Invite in Luck with this Deep Crimson Rope and Sterling Silver Fu symbol

Red rope bracelets, also known as "Kabbalah bracelets"  are believed to have various benefits for those who wear them. According to ancient traditions, the red string is said to protect against negative energy, ward off the evil eye, and bring good luck and blessings.

The color red is also associated with strength, courage, and passion. In some cultures, the red string is tied around the wrist by a loved one, symbolizing a bond of protection and love. Additionally, wearing a red rope bracelet can serve as a reminder of one's intentions and goals, promoting mindfulness and focus.

While the benefits of wearing a red rope bracelet are mainly spiritual and symbolic, many people find them to be a comforting and meaningful accessory.

This beautifully made bracelet  has attractive 925 sterling silver additions, along with a Pure Silver fu  symbol which represents fortune and good luck.


Get one for yourself or your friends/family. Bring luck to your whole family.

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Product Details:

  • Item Type: 
  • Material: Tibetan Red rope and stirling silver INVITE LUCK Fu symbol
  • Metal: 925 Sterling Silver 
  • 925 Sterling Silver bead size: (0.4cm)     

  • 925 Sterling Silver Fu charm:     

  • Bracelet Type: Rope Chain

  • Clasp Style:  Adjustable 
  • Length: Adjustable from Approx 16-213 cm ( 6.29 - 9.02 inches) or we can get custom made sizing if required.
  • Color: crimson red

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