Red Rope & Silver Feng Shui Ruyi Lock Bracelet

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Red Rope & Silver Feng Shui Ruyi Lock Bracelet 

A lock charm has been used for centuries as a personal amulet & is believed to protect a person from evil and also to bring good luck, fortune and a long life.The patterns on the lock are designed to frighten away any evil spirits.

These Lock charms are often seen on Babies Bracelets . Want to get a Lock charm for your little one?  See the Babies Bracelet  here>> . 

The Long Life Lock charm is adorned with the auspicious patterns and the words -Chang, Ming, Fu Gui which mean to ward off evil, and bestow a long and happy, healthy life, full of riches on the wearer.

It has long been believed that the simple Red Rope bracelet has protective energy and wearing one of these can protect the wearer from evil and remove the surrounding negative energy and bring peace, harmony and luck into their life.

Red is also the color associated with wealth and power. 


Get one for yourself or your friends/family. Bring luck to your whole family.

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Product Details:

  • Item Type: Red Rope & Silver Feng Shui Ruyi Lock Bracelet
  • Material: Tibetan Rope
  • Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
  • 925 Sterling Silver lock charm3cm x 2cm
  • 925 Sterling Silver Beads: 0.5cm 
  • Bracelet Type: Rope Chain
  • Clasp Style:  Adjustable 
  • Length: Adjustable from Approx. 15-25cm(about 5.90-9.85 inches)
  • Color: Red, Navy Blue


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