• Purple Clay Animal Tea Pet Figurine-5 Styles
  • Purple Clay Animal Tea Pet Figurine-5 Styles

Purple Clay Animal Tea Pet Figurine-5 Styles

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This Ceramic Miniature Animal Tea Pet is a great addition for enhancing the ambiance and maintaining the balance and harmony of any room. 5 Different Styles to Choose From.

What do these Styles represent?

A:  Pi-Xiu Mythical Creature- Symbolizes preservation of wealth.Water flows through its nostrils if tea/water is hot enough. Size: 8.8cm X 5.3cm | 3.46" x 2.08"                                    

B:  Horse with Coins-  Symbolizes Wisdom and Power                                                      Size: 11cm X 5.8cm | 4.33" x 2.28"   

C:  2 Lion Dogs with Ball-Symbolizes Happiness and  Prosperous Career.Ball spins when hot water is poured on it.                                                                                                        Size: 11cm X 6.5 cm | 4.33" x 2.55"             

D:  Lucky Toad with Coin in Mouth - Symbolizes  Prosperity and Wealth                        Size: 12cm X 6 cm | 4.72" x 2.36"                  

 E: Foot - Left Foot Symbols Zhi Zu means "Be Content" and  Chang Le,means "Always Happy"on the Right foot.                                                                                                        Size: 8.5cm X 3.5 cm | 3.34" x 1.37"   

Tea Pets are Adorable Zodiac animals, Buddha and Monk characters which symbolize good luck, fortune and happiness.   Molded from highly absorbent Yixing Purple clay, they were developed centuries ago as a 'mascot' for tea lovers.

How to 'Raise' a Tea Pet?

Like real pets, Tea Pets need attention. Tea lovers regularly pour leftover tea over their tea pets and sometimes utilize a tea brush to spread over the tea evenly.Over time, tea pets absorb the elements of tea and develop a delicate gloss and tea fragrance.

Appreciating tea is not simply a process of brewing to quench thirst, but for the pleasure in the process. Arranging your Cute AnimalTea Pet on the tea tray, and sharing the tea liquid with them is pleasurable.Tea Pets add more enjoyment when you brew tea with your friends.

Aside from being tea buddies, Tea Pets have now become highly collectible cute Zen style house decor items.You might find one peeping out from a shelf or hanging out in a bowl of succulents.


We have the Largest  Affordable Range of these Tea Pet Cuties to choose from         ...... and it's constantly growing. Our customers Love 'em!


Get one for yourself or your friends/family. Great Gift Idea.

Limited Quantity. We sell out often. Consider buying two or more.

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  • Tea Pet Details:
  • Size: Sizes noted with the Individual Tea Pets above
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Colors:  Purple clay with orange Ceramic highlights


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