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  • Baltic Amber Necklace w/ Chakra Stones-for baby & Adult

Baltic Amber Necklace w/ Chakra Stones-for baby & Adult

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Why not wear a Hand Made Matching Amber Necklace along with your Teething Little One?They'll LOVE being twins with you!

With the added benefit of 7 chakra Stones to help balance the body-it's like a double boost for your little one!

Our 12.9 inch |33 cm Necklace fits Children from 5 months- 5 years.

Our Natural Genuine Amber Beads are from the Baltic Sea Region. Wearing  NATURAL Amber Jewelry has many good effects as below:

A natural analgesic, Amber can help calm a fussing, teething baby without resorting to medicinal intervention.Wearing Baltic amber necklaces on the skin can have a soothing and calming effect on teething babies and toddlers.

When amber is worn on the skin, the skin's warmth releases tiny amounts of healing oils from the amber which are then absorbed via the skin into the bloodstream. Amber's anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties are also recognized by allopathic medicine. 

How does it work for Teething Littlies? Many parents around the world testify to amber’s positive effects on their teething babies.It is often called the  Baltic Secret phenomenon. While scientists continue to debate the mechanism behind amber’s mystifying and amazing effects, the answer most probably lies in succinic acid found in Amber. Baltic amber is the only type of amber that has a very rich concentration (3-8 %) of succinic acid. One theory is that succinic acid is released from the gems in response to the warmth of the body and absorbed through the skin. The acid’s natural analgesic effect then takes place.

For babies, amber generally causes a reduction of teething symptoms such as fever, fussiness, red cheeks, drooling and nappy rash. Can also help some infants reduce symptoms caused by colic & eczema.

Amber is a fossilized resin, not a stone. It is therefore warm to the touch,as well as very comfortable and light to wear. 

Amber teething necklaces are made for wearing, NOT for chewing.They are NOT designed to be put in the mouth.

The necklace attaches with an easy to use amber hidden buckle wax clasp. There are knots between each bead for extra sturdiness and safety.

You should remove the Amber teething necklace when your baby is unattended, such as at night.

How to clean Amber? Just use warm water and a cloth to wipe the beads if needed. Can they get wet? Yes,  but it's preferable to  remove them before bath and pool as chemicals may interfere with the effectiveness of the necklace. 

Why the added Chakra Stones? The 7  Natural Chakra Stones on the Necklace  (Amethyst,Lapis Lazuli, Quartz,Aventurine,Citrine,Carnelian & Obsidian) help to balance the 7 major chakra points found on the body.These stones help to balance and soothe an anxious, teething child.

A chakra is a vortex-like source of energy which exists in our subtle etheric body. Each of the  7 chakras is associated with a certain part of the body which it provides with the energy it needs to function. Additionally, every chakra corresponds to a specific aspect of human behavior and development.

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What are the 7 Chakras & their corresponding stones?

Root chakra ( Obsidian)
Color: Red/Dark
Element: Earth
Location: Base of the spine, tailbone
Related Body Functions: Elimination of waste and toxins, core balance, pelvic floor
Purpose: Feeling of being grounded, safe and secure.

Sacral or pelvic chakra ( Carnelian)
Color: Orange 
Element: Water
Location: Two inches below the belly button in the lower abdomen
Related Body Functions: Lower digestion and absorption, immune system, sexual organs
Purpose: Feeling pleasurable, accepting, creative and abundant

Solar plexus chakra ( Citrine)
Color: Yellow
Element: Fire
Location: Around the point where the ribs meet in the middle of your abdomen
Related Body Functions: Upper digestion, stomach, diaphragm
Purpose: Feeling confident and in control, self-worth

Heart chakra ( Aventurine)
Color: Green
Element: Air
Location: Center of the chest, on the breast bone
Related Body Functions: Breathing, cardiovascular function
Purpose: Feeling loved and giving love, inner peace 

Throat chakra ( Lapis Lazuli)
Color: Blue
Element: Ether or space
Location: In the throat in the Adam’s apple area
Related Body Functions: Taste, swallowing, speaking, jaw tightness
Purpose: Being able to communicate and express, both inwardly and outwardly

Third eye chakra ( Amethyst) 
Color: Indigo (blue-violet)
Element: Light
Location: In the forehead, between the eyes
Related Body Functions: Sight, decision-making, perception
Purpose: Feeling able to understand life situations and perceive meaning

Crown chakra ( Clear Quartz)
Color: Violet/Clear 
Element: Cosmic energy
Location: On top of or just above the head
Related Body Functions: Mental peace and connectedness
Purpose: Feeling beautiful, connected and purposeful.

Each Necklace comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Get one for yourself or your friends/family. Great Gift Idea.

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Product Details:

  • Amber Stone Size: 4-6 mm (0.15-0.23 inches)
  • Natural Chakra Stones: 6mm  Amethyst,Lapis Lazuli, Clear Quartz,Aventurine,Citrine,Carnelian,Obsidian
  • Amber Color: 3 Choices- Honey, Cognac,Cherry
  • Length:2 lengths - 33 cm |12.9  inches ( Kids ,fits 5 months- 5 years),                                                      - 45cm, |17.71 inches ( Adult) 
  • Weight: Around 5-6 grams
  • Necklace: Knotted Strand Necklace

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