• Mens' RED HOT PASSION 3/pc  bracelet Set can help Lift your Game!
  • Mens' RED HOT PASSION 3/pc  bracelet Set can help Lift your Game!
  • Mens' RED HOT PASSION 3/pc  bracelet Set can help Lift your Game!
  • Mens' RED HOT PASSION 3/pc  bracelet Set can help Lift your Game!
  • Mens' RED HOT PASSION 3/pc  bracelet Set can help Lift your Game!
  • Mens' RED HOT PASSION 3/pc  bracelet Set can help Lift your Game!

Mens' RED HOT PASSION 3/pc bracelet Set can help Lift your Game!

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Did you know Natural Red Crystals are powerful aphrodisiacs? Our 3/pc PASSION Set is designed to get the blood pumping to your base chakras again.

Some natural Stones, particularly those which are Red, are great for boosting sex and intimate relationships. Crystals have unique powers for different enhancements. Willing to give crystal therapy a try?

Using natural stones for sex, sensuality and intimacy activates the sexual energy in your body at the root and sacral chakras so that your emotional and subtle body is stimulated and love is able to flow seamlessly between both partners.

*We can make your size no matter what size wrist you have! These bracelets are available in sizes XS 6.5" to XXL-8.7" but if you need larger, just measure your wrist and let us know ( see chart below for help in measuring) 

Our PASSION set is a potent mix of Red Jasper, Red Carnelian and Smoky Quartz to really give those base chakras a good tickle. Wearing this bracelet set keeps your two base sensuality chakaras, the root and sacral ,whirling, balanced ,unblocked and charged.

Want to know more about how these Crystals help lift your game?

Smoky Quartz Stone: :Smokey quartz is one of the best crystals for sex for men because it increases their virility.This stone helps you accept that sex is normal, healthy and enjoyable as it breaks  through the barriers of sexual hang-ups and helps passion flow freely It helps to cleanse your sexual centers so that energy can flow freely.Place the Smoky Quartz under your pillow to balance sexual energy and help reduce any sadness that you may be experiencing.

Red Jasper: This stone invigorates the libido and prolongs sexual excitement by prolonging erections. It energizes and cleanses the sacral chakra and its related organs. This stone is especially useful for increasing virility in men.

Red/Orange Carnelian: Red Carnelian dissolves any blockages that might exist in your lower chakras, giving it the power to revitalize a tired sex life.  It is also known as the stone of physical love and the relationship between loving partners. Use it to revive your intimate connection and increase passion in your relationship. Carnelian also balances a tumultuous sex drive and aids in fertility. Partners who use this stone in their love life enjoy a deeper passion and understanding of one another. 

We've added an antique silver panther head to the Red Jasper as this animal totem is a very powerful and protective presence. The panther is a symbol of courage, valor and power.

Also paired with the Red Carnelian are Auspicoius cloud symbols on the tube accent. These  Auspicious Clouds represent the heavens and also good luck. It's form often resembles the shape of the lingzhi-the fungus of immortality. The cloud pattern when repeated also  symbolizes never-ending fortune.

How to use these Stones for Sex and Love ?These crystals for sex and intimacy can be tucked into your pillow, placed beside the bed or even put in a bath. You can also work with them on the body, which will have a more powerful effect, since you’ll be able to directly place the stones over the sexual chakras.( Base Chakra in the groin area and the Sacral Chakra, located about two inches below the belly button )


Get a set for yourself or your friends/family. Great Gift Idea!

Limited Quantity. We sell out often. Consider buying two or more.

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  • Product Details:
  • Bracelets: Bundle of 3 Natural Stone Bead Bracelets
  • Colors: As pictured. 
  • Stone Sizes: 6 mm / 0.35  inches & 8 mm / 0.31 inches
  • Size - XS-6.5" to XXL- 8.7" (Stretchy/Adjustable)
  • Materials: Natural Stone Beads-Red Jasper, Red Agate, Smokey quartz
  • Charms: Antique silver Panther Head,
  • Metal: antique silver alloy, retro oval crown metal beads

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