• Double Point Natural Quartz & CITRINE Stone 'DOUBLE HAPPINESS' Bracelet
  • Double Point Natural Quartz & CITRINE Stone 'DOUBLE HAPPINESS' Bracelet
  • Double Point Natural Quartz & CITRINE Stone 'DOUBLE HAPPINESS' Bracelet

Double Point Natural Quartz & CITRINE Stone 'DOUBLE HAPPINESS' Bracelet

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 Make room for HAPPINESS with this Premium Grade CITRINE bracelet paired with a Large Double Point Clear Quartz Amplifying Stone.

This pretty Bracelet with its Healing Double Point Quartz Stone partnered with the positivity radiating Abundance attracting Citrine will help you rediscover the path to HAPPINESS with an all over mind-body-spirit detox.

Aside from attracting abundance,Citrine is one of the best known crystals for adding sheer joy to your life. It infuses sunshine and light to uplift your spirit. Why not brighten up your life with this sunny lemon stone?

Citrine gets rid of negativity and makes room for happiness. It’s ability to bring optimism and positivity helps you be open to unexpected happiness.  This is definitely one of the top mother nature's good vibe stones! 

We've partnered the Citrine with a Double Point Clear Quartz Crystal which has a very high vibration. Clear quartz strongly resonates within the Eighth Chakra bearing its white or clear color.In fact, it resonates with all the chakras especially the higher chakras, thereby earning its place as a Master healer.

 Being a master healer,Clear quartz amplifies the power of other stones it is paired with.

The double point shape of the Quartz focuses energy in a highly productive and beneficial way.It’s the ultimate metaphysical crystal tool. It’s easily programmable, it’s protective and it generates a shed load of crystal power.

This Clear Quartz will help cleanse your aura and work with your chakras to remove the bad habits, thoughts and feelings that are holding you back and preventing you from reaching your full potential, allowing all that sunshine generated by the citrine to come flooding back into your life once more.


Get one for yourself and  your friends/family. Great Gift Idea.

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Product Details:

  • Item Type:  Citrine Stone& Double Point Clear Quartz Bracelet
  • Material:  Grade AAA Brazilian Citrine beads and Clear Quartz
  • Quartz Stone Size: Approx 4 cm x 3 cm ( 1.57 " x 1.18"  ) 
  • Please note: Each will be different due to the nature of Natural Stone
  • Metal Beads: Titanium
  • Citrine Bead Size:  8mm ( 0.31 ")
  • Length: Adjustable from Approx 16-22 cm ( 6.5 - 9 inches) 
  • Color:Shades of pale lemon

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