• Black Jade / Bianshi ' Stone of Life ' THERAPEUTIC Pixiu Necklace
  • Black Jade / Bianshi ' Stone of Life ' THERAPEUTIC Pixiu Necklace
  • Black Jade / Bianshi ' Stone of Life ' THERAPEUTIC Pixiu Necklace
  • Black Jade / Bianshi ' Stone of Life ' THERAPEUTIC Pixiu Necklace
  • Black Jade / Bianshi ' Stone of Life ' THERAPEUTIC Pixiu Necklace

Black Jade / Bianshi ' Stone of Life ' THERAPEUTIC Pixiu Necklace

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Natural Bianchi  'Stone of Life 'Pixiu Pendant Necklace is  all about Health & Abundance 

This High Quality  Pixiu  ( 'Pie-Shoe')  Pendant Necklace is beautifully crafted from Premium Bianshi Stone, also known as Black Jade . It has been called the Stone of Life due to its many therapeutic benefits.

Found only in the Shandong Province, it is believed that Bian Stone was formed from a meteorite which crashed there many millions of years ago, due to the high amount of iridium found in the stone ( an element not found in the Earths Crust)

 For thousands of years, Chinese people have used this Bianshi stone to treat diseases, by applying them to specific body parts. Chemical analysis shows that there are more than thirty trace elements such as Sr, Ti, Cr, Mn, Zn, Ca, Fe, P, K, and Na found in the stone - elements which are beneficial and necessary for humans to keep their body systems balanced and healthy.

In ancient times, people started wearing Bianchi Stone Bracelets and other jewelry and many noticed they started feeling better and some medical issues disappeared altogether. Many say they felt the warmth of the stone as soon as they put the bracelet or necklace on .

In the modern world, any miracle cure causes first of all skepticism. However, a number of scientists from Russia, the USA, China and Ukraine independently conducted a number of studies on the properties of the Bianshi stone and published the results of their work.

The healing benefits of this stone affect the entire human body and improves the functioning of many organs and systems:

Here are just some of the health benefits seen when using Bianshi Stone

  • Affects blood circulation, makes it moderate and stable.
  • Removes toxic substances from the body.
  • Prevents headaches, muscle and joint pain.
  • It has a beneficial effect on the relaxation of muscles and ligaments.
  • Reduces the level of fatigue.
  • It stabilizes the heart by controlling the acceptable blood pressure.
  • Prevents the accumulation of excess fat, accelerates the body's metabolism.
  • It has a general beneficial effect on the activity of almost all organs of our body.
  • Improves the health of nails, hair and skin.

Wearing the Bianshi stone as a necklace ( with the Feng Shui wealth favorite Pixiu to attract wealth and provide protection)  or bracelet is therapeutic due to the high levels of trace elements against the skin. It does not harm the skin, there are no medical indications, you simply wear the Bianshi stone Jewelry to improve your health and well being.

Note that Bianshi stone is often dark gray with white streaks in it. When worn for a period, the stone will darken and eventually becomes a charcoal black hue.

The Pi Xiu ( also called Pi Yao) is a hybrid mythical winged lion creature which brings wealth luck, business luck, and protection to the wearer.They are especially favored by Feng Shui experts.

Youll see the sets of 3 ancient coin symbols on the Pi Xiu .The square center of the coin charm represents the energy of the earth, and the roundness of the coin represents the energy of heaven.Also on the Pixiu you will see the prominent Lu symbol which is an ancient symbol of Prosperity, Rank, and Influence.

Historically, the Dragon represents fortune, authority, and luck  Pi Xiu was the 9th and youngest son of Dragon-very significant as 9 is one of the most auspicious numbers in Feng Shui.


Get one for yourself or your friends/family.Bring luck to your whole family.

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Product Details:       

  • Item:  Black Jade / Bianshi ' Stone of Life ' HEALTH & ABUNDANCE Pixiu Necklace
  • Material: Bianshi Stone   
  • Necklace Style: Bianshi Stone 8mm Beads
  • Length - 61 beads, 49 cm ( 19.2 inches)
  • Pixiu Size: Biahshi stone, 3.7cm x 2.3cm x 0.9cm 
  • Color: Dark Gray/Black                             

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