• Ancient Mayan Angel Caller 'Guardian Angel' Amulet Necklace
  • Ancient Mayan Angel Caller 'Guardian Angel' Amulet Necklace

Ancient Mayan Angel Caller 'Guardian Angel' Amulet Necklace

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Ancient Mayan Angel Caller 'Guardian Angel' Amulet Necklace 

Angel wings symbolize love, spirituality, and protection. You can wear an angel wing necklace as a reminder you will always be there for your baby, like a guardian angel.

This is the iconic Angel Caller Baby Bell necklace, favored by so many. It's also called the Mexican Bola Amulet.

The Angel Caller is beautiful bell chime pendant, originally traditionally worn by an expectant Mayan mother throughout her pregnancy but now worn by many. The bell gives off a gentle tinkling sound as it bounces against the baby bump during daily movement. Its sound can be heard by baby in the womb from around 20 weeks gestation and is thought to inspire harmony plus soothe and comfort the baby. It is also believed to summon the Guardian Angel of the mum-to- be.

These Angel Callers come in an embossed metal with a choice of gold/blue or red/blue finishes

The necklace is 45 inches/115cm- perfect for resting over your baby bump but if you prefer them shorter, 

In feng shui, bells have traditionally been used to remove negative energy to bring peace, harmony, energy, happiness and prosperity to the wearer. 

( We have shorter necklaces for those who aren't expecting  but love the lovely gentle tinkling sound these bells make).

Want different designs of the Angel Caller?- please see here.

Want to know more about the Tradition of the Angel Caller Amulet Pendant?

In the Mayan culture, it was known as the “Llamador de Angeles” (the Angel Caller). A legend recalls how the soft tinkling sound of the ball, which is unique to each pendant, has the magical ability to summon the guardian angel of its wearer, protecting him or her and accompanying the wearer throughout his or her life. 

The Harmony Ball was traditionally given to pregnant women, who would wear it throughout their pregnancy as an amulet to protect their baby. After the birth, the soft and familiar tinkling sound of the bell would settle the newborn, helping him or her to sleep by recalling the gentle warmth and care of the womb.

*Please note: the default length of the necklace is 115cm (45") .                              We have shorter necklace lengths if required  (30"/76cm or 25"/63cm )             Please let us know in the message box on the cart page if a shorter necklace is required, thanks. 


Get one for yourself or your friends/family. Bring luck to your whole family.

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Product Details:

  • Item Type: Mayan Baby Bell Angel Caller 'Love you to the Moon & Back' Necklace
  • Material: waxy Leather cord
  • Metal: Silver Plated Copper ( lead, cadmium & Nickel free)
  • Baby Bell Size: 20mm
  • Necklace Length: 115cm (45")

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